"I am not a politician and I don't believe that any politician has the right to decide who our judges are. That is the decision of the voters. My campaign is not about politics. It's about people."

I’m Charles Elliott, candidate for Rapides Parish District Judge.  Our judges perform one of the most important jobs in our community, and we need judges who are experienced, committed to justice and who strive for the highest form of integrity.  

As a practicing lawyer for almost 25 years, I have earned a reputation for integrity, fairness and dedication.  My campaign is not about politics...it’s about people.  I’ve tried numerous cases in Federal, State and local courtrooms across Louisiana.  I have even traveled to Florida to defend a local business in Federal Court.  My extensive litigation and mediation experience have categorically prepared me for being a judicial district court judge.  

Please vote for me on November 6th so I can put my courtroom experience to work for you.

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